Jugend am Werk Steiermark GmbH

P01 . Coordinating Partner AT

Jugend am WerkJugend am Werk is one of the biggest social services organisations in the Province of Styria. Throughout the Province, more than 600 employees create life perspectives in the areas of care and integration for persons with disabilities, training for young adults, employment, early intervention, and crisis intervention. Custom-fit and innovative services, a strict focus on its customers and many years of experience characterise the work of Jugend am Werk, which is a non-profit organisation and certified to the European ISO 9001:2008 standard.



Oscar-Tietz-Schule (OSZ Handel II)

P02 . Partner DE

Oscar-Tietz-SchuleOscar-Tietz Schule (OSZ Handel II) is a vocational training school located in Berlin, Germany. The main aim of the public school is the provision of high quality vocational education in the field of retail and trade. The school offers a great variety of training possibilities, either as VET school partner in the dual education system where learners have a working contract with a company for their apprenticeship training or as a one year or two year vocational training programme in school. Moreover the school offers a training programme which leads to the Fachabitur and Abitur and the access possibility to higher education systems. This means that OSZ Handel II is really covering the whole sector of VET training for retail and trade in Germany.
The school was founded as separate school center in 1993 in the former East Berlin through a fusion of several coporate VET schools. In 2014 we employed 75 teachers and 3 teachers in training and have about 2000 learners in the school. Teachers are also involved in the examination work for the chamber of commerce and industry for the professions offered in the school and have so very close contact to companies and their needs in the VET system.
Work place based learning and learning through real life situations is a major issue in the school so the school tries to involve companies in the daily work, organises excursions, job shadowing experiences etc. for the learners to have a good practical experience.



Fritid & Samfund

P03 . Partner DK

Fritid & SamfundFritid&Samfund - or: Leisure & Society - is a national umbrella organisation established in 1975. Members of the organisation are primly municipalities. 70 of the 98 municipalities in Denmark are members of FS. The organisation works on the basis of the Danish tradition of liberal learning, or folkeoplysning. The objective of the organisation is...

  • ... to encourage and support lifelong learning;
  • ... to improve the conditions of cultural, leisure-time and non-formal educational activities at national, regional and local levels;
  • ... to work for inclusion in leisure-time activities; and
  • ... to develop an active citizenship.

Fritid&Samfund has a close cooperation with the local day folk high schools for young people. The day folk high schools offer general non-formal adult education and education concerning employability and preparation for further education and lifelong learning. The schools are located close to the participants' homes. Fritid&Samfund also has a Centre for Adult Pedagogic - VPC. The main object of the Centre is to qualify all who wish to develop their competences in teaching and communication. In addition to that the Centre works with research, consulting and evaluation in the field of adult education. In addition, Fritid&Samfund offers courses, workshops and seminars on local political issues, do research and development work and publishes books and the magazine Folkeoplysning – all in order to spreading information on livelong learning, active citizenship, policy on culture and socio-cultural topics. The national secretariat is located in Aarhus, Jutland.



Meath Partnership

P04 . Partner IE

Meath PartnershipMeath Partnership is a county-wide partnership organisation with responsibility for the design and implementation of all local, rural and community development programmes in Meath.  It is a not-for-profit body with a Board of Directors comprising representatives of all key statutory service providers, community representatives and members of the local business community.  Meath Partnership is responsible for the implementation of the Local and Community Development Programme, Meath Volunteer Centre, TÚS, Rural Social Scheme and a variety of other social and training initiatives. Meath Partnership has a trained staff team of 24 people with specific and relevant skill, experience and knowledge.
Through the Local and Community Development Programme, we work with marginalised youth groups, young people and early school leavers within disadvantaged communities in our region targeting those furthest from access to education, training and employment, particularly youth at risk of social exclusion. In our work with youth organisations, we work to foster an integrated and coordinated approach by bringing together people, groups, agencies, and voluntary and statutory organisations to make a positive difference to issues affecting young people. We engage with a wide variety of actors across the youth spectrum and have developed strong local, regional and national links with key stakeholders in this sector. Through the LCDP programme, we have delivered a number of successful and innovative youth projects dealing with issues of mental health, self-expression, communication, employability skills, career guidance and cultural awareness.
Through our nationally accredited (QQI) training centre, the Dr Curran Centre of Learning, we deliver a variety of accredited and non-accredited relevant training and up-skilling courses aimed at improving the skills, capacity and employability of young people, early school leavers, low-skilled workers, jobseekers and VET tutors and trainers working and living in County Meath. Our training centre provides a modern and flexible learning environment which also offers e-learning and distance learning options. We can cater for up to 150 learners per day and we have engaged an experienced panel of VET tutors with strong practical and industry skills.
Meath Partnership has extensive experience of EU programmes gained through initiatives like the EU Lifelong Learning Programme, EQUAL Community Initiative and INTERREG. We are currently involved as co-ordinators and partners in a diverse range of EU LLP projects and Erasmus+ projects, all of which are detailed on our website www.meathpartnership.ie



FormAzione Co&So Network

P05 . Partner IT

FormAzioneFCN is a Consortium of 10 Social Cooperatives located in Florence. FCN manages social services on behalf of public bodies and is active in the field of EU projects (LLP, DAPHNE).
As an accredited Training Agency FCN has long lasting experience in the training of disadvantaged people. For years FCN has been developing initiatives around the integration and VET training of disadvantaged young people, with a particular focus on the topic of motivation and frustration.
The network of FCN ensures an excellent access to VET teachers, but also to public authorities (Tuscany Region,  Province and Municipality of Florence) that will guarantee wide dissemination of project results.



Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia

P06 . Partner SI

CCISCCIS (Chamber of Commerce and Industry) come from all sectors and all regions in Slovenia. Is non-political, professional organisation responsible for representing and protecting the interest of its members.  CCIS has the status of a representative Chamber of Commerce and is thus partner for the government in preparing legislation and policy strategic. CCIS is member in numerous government bodies, boards and committees. Has the status of a social partner organization.  The strategic orientation of CCIS is the cooperation and involvement in all processes for forming the economic and business environment.
Gorenjska Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a part of the CCIS.  Main activities are providing services and assistance in accelerating the development on entrepreneurship and small-sized companies. Other activities are offering advice, providing information and offering the administrative and technical services, organising various seminars and conferences, consultations for the needs of members,  promotion of the Region, positions and proposals to the state, town and regional institutions.




P07 . Partner TR

EGECEDEGECED is a non-profit association founded by the professional from education field (teachers, trainers, academics, branch managers and supervisors, etc). EGECED has a broad reach to local schools in primary and secondary level and also cooperation with universities. The objectives of our association are to gather the professionals who work for the education and youth to do activities on education and youth and to contribute to the development of sustainable interaction between the educators and youth both from Turkey and European countries. EGECED’s mission and main objectives are...

    • ... to follow the developments in education and youth both nationally and internationally and publicize them via publications, web and mass media.
    • ... to organize activities to address the problems of the education and youth by coordinating scientific researches, courses, seminars and symposiums.
    • ... to arrange courses, seminars, workshops, conferences and symposiums with the aim of improving professional, cultural and professional abilities of teachers, trainers and youth workers.
    • ... to follow new activities in the area of education e.g. professional techniques, general education, adult training, pre-school education, university education and information technology.
    • ... to work with national and international institutions in projects.



E.N.T.E.R. GmbH

P08 . Partner AT

ENTERE.N.T.E.R. GmbH – European Network for Transfer and Exploitation of EU Project Results has its main purpose in providing a unique network structure mainly for the dissemination and sustainable use of EU project outcomes. E.N.T.E.R. therefore tries to connect the supply of European project results in different fields and sectors with the demand for innovation in different sectors in Europe through a modern solution easy to use.
E.N.T.E.R. is a European network and has more than 800 member organisations in 36 countries in varied fields and sectors, which share the spirit of the network to provide a strong basis for sustainable use of products as well as the set up of new cooperation opportunities. E.N.T.E.R. members are political decision makers, education and training organisations, regional development organisations, research organisations, chambers, social partners and many others.
Additionally to the services of the network, E.N.T.E.R. also acts proactively as project promoter, project partner and expert to foster dissemination and exploitation standards within the EU. Thereby, it specialises in developing dissemination and exploitation strategies and produces a wide range of dissemination materials to meet the individual needs of a project. E.N.T.E.R. is vastly experienced in the organisation of events and in the development of promotional campaigns.