These are the main objectives of the NEW-D project: 

1. Understanding better the needs and requirements as well as life reality of the target group (disadvantaged learners in VET because of ethnic background, social and economic background, religious background) and deducting implications for an appropriate didactical response

2. Development of a didactical model on the basis of the exploration work as well as findings of development psychology and neurophysiology 

3. Development of a guideline for the didactical model as well as a training curriculum for teachers and trainers in VET as well as VET responsible persons in companies

4. Implementation of the training programme, training of teachers and trainers as well as VET responsible persons, implementation of a multiplication and sustainability strategy and measuring the impact of the project on the reduction of drop out and failure rates in the education and especially VET systems.



The NEW-D project addresses these target groups:

Direct target group

• VET teachers and trainers
• VET responsible persons in enterprises
• other teaching and training staff from VET centres
• career and qualification guidance staff
• persons and decision makers responsible for VET schools and VET systems


Final beneficiaries

• disadvantaged young people aged 16 to 25