These will be the main project results:

(1) Research study on the needs and requirements of disadvantaged young persons in VET

Research Study . Summative ReportThe reasons of disadvantages are very diverse: there are disadvantages because of migration and language background, social disadvantages, economic disadvantages, learning disabilities, geographical disadvantages. The NEW-D research study, therefore, did not concentrate on these individual forms of disadvantages; to develop a didactical model for each special form of disadvantage would have hardly been possible within the scope of this project. However, the study rather aimed at getting an understanding of

• which forms of teaching are existing,

• what are the core implications on the learning processes,

• what are hindering factors and, above all,

• what is the current life reality of young people in the partner countries (what are important issues, motivating factors, how is the e.g. time feeling, short term / long term perspective orientation etc.). 

The empirical research with representatives of the target group in the partner countries was backed up by a desk research about most actual factors and the status quo in development and learning psychology as well as neurophysiology, which recently has developed some breaking ideas about the learning process.

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(2) Didactical guidelines focussing on the NEW-D principle

NEW-D GuidelinesThese guidelines have the format of a handbook for VET teachers, trainers and tutors in VET schools and institutions and enterprises that engage in the dual VET system. The NEW-D Guidelines provide the readers with background information from the research phase, explain the influence of the respective guideline on the teaching/training/tutoring process and give practical tips for every-day work with (disadvantaged) young people in the dual VET systems accross Europe.
Moreover, the guideline act as a basis for the training curriculum and programme for VET teachers, trainers and tutors, which is the third output to be developed by the NEW-D partnership.

The NEW-D Guidelines are available for download in Danish, English, German, Italian, Slovenian, and Turkish here...


3) Curriculum for a NEW-D training programme for VET teachers and responsible persons in companies

This programme is planned to act as an additional qualification for teachers or profound qualification for untrained company responsible persons who both get confronted more and more with the challenges of the target group. The training programme will last about 30 hours and will be offered in a face to face training.

(4) Implementation of the training programme

After its development the curriculum will be implemented with representatives of the VET teacher and company responsible persons target group. The feedback from the test implementation will be collected and channelled into a revision process of the curriculum and the learning materials. The broad mainstreaming and provisions for a sustainable use of the outputs stands at the end of the output development process.